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I was born in Puerto Rico and later moved to New York City. Growing up, my mother was a business owner. She started a real estate company that helped dismantle long entrenched Co-Op boards which virtually controlled who could buy apartments and who could not. All of my childhood, I saw her work hard and slowly build a successful business. My father remained in Puerto Rico for most of my childhood. My visits there gave me a love of Puerto Rican culture and the Spanish language, which engendered a life-long desire to learn about other cultures and to appreciate diversity. Led by my grandfather in Minneapolis, our family has always been rooted in civic engagement and personal responsibility.

I went to Milton Academy for high school and then graduated with a BA in Political Science from St. Lawrence University. At both of these schools I received an excellent education with impactful teachers and an engaging community. It was at these schools where my passion for equal rights and social justice was ignited. At both schools, I sought out classes and teachers that nurtured in me a desire to be curious, to ask questions, and to challenge assumptions. I wrote for school papers, joined a Women’s Resource Center, tutored inmates at the Ogdensburg Correctional Facility, and worked for an Anti-Apartheid organization. I knew I wanted a life dedicated to making things better for people who are struggling under any form of oppression or marginalization.

In 2006, I got married and began exploring where to live and raise a family. We fell in love with Litchfield County, CT and moved up to Kent, then to Sharon, and finally settled in New Milford over 5 years ago. I am a substitute teacher at a nearby Montessori school where I am a class ambassador. In addition to being a fulltime mother, I am a volunteer and member of many local groups; Sandy Hook Promise, Mothers Out Front, and Western CT Civic Action to name a few. I was honored to be approved for, and am still, a mentor in the Norwalk Mentor Program, part of Human Services Council.

Our local economy needs forward looking leadership. I support legislation to help the economy of our district; infrastructure investments, transportation solutions, business development and retention, and technical and community college programs. I would lead in environmental stewardship that bolsters our economy, in ending gun violence and the opioid epidemic by seeing these problems holistically, not in isolation. I would prioritize and protect the care of our seniors and our veterans. Most importantly, I believe in transparency and honest dialogue with constituents because good government depends on an informed engaged citizenry.

7 months ago

Hilary Ram

👏👏👏 fantastic news!Ms. Alisha DiCorpo Named Superintendent for NMPS

At a Special Meeting on February 10th, the New Milford Board of Education named Interim Superintendent of Schools Ms. Alisha DiCorpo as Superintendent for New Milford Public Schools. Ms. DiCorpo is a seasoned educator with more than 20 years’ experience.

Ms. DiCorpo has served as Interim Superintendent of New Milford Public Schools since October 29, 2020 and Assistant Superintendent since June 2016. She came to New Milford from the Thomaston Public Schools. She worked from 2010- 2016 in a variety of roles including Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, as well as Principal and Assistant Principal. Prior to working in Thomaston, Ms. DiCorpo was the District Professional Development Coordinator for Watertown Public Schools. She has also spent time as a fourth and fifth grade teacher.

Since serving as Interim Superintendent of Schools, Ms. DiCorpo has led the district in
* budget preparation and development in collaboration with district and school administrators, the Board ofEducation, and the town;
* efforts to reopen K-5 schools to in-person learning scheduled for next month;
* the ongoing monitoring of COVID cases for students and employees, contact tracing efforts, and communicating with health officials and medical advisors; and
* improved communication with the New Milford community.

As Interim Superintendent, her many responsibilities included curriculum development, vetting, training and implementation. In 2020, she led extensive efforts in “reinventing school” after the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of school buildings in March and pushed all learning remotely. She led the work for the district in developing a reentry plan to reopen schools in the hybrid model and collaboratively developed a distance learning plan and system of support for students, teachers, and families.

Members of the Board reviewed their desired characteristics in a superintendent looking for a strong leader able to be collaborative, creative, and, most importantly, committed to New Milford’s students and the community. The Board began its search for a permanent superintendent at the end of November. HYA Associates, the Board’s search firm, presented a list of qualified candidates to the Board which then worked diligently to examine each candidate with extensive interviews over the past two months. The finalists were vetted, and the Board supported Ms. DiCorpo as its top choice.

The Board believes Ms. DiCorpo has devoted a significant amount of dedication and energy working for the New Milford school district. Her enthusiasm and passion to New Milford’s students and schools is outstanding. Board of Education Chairperson, Mrs. Wendy Faulenbach, says “The Board is excited to move the district forward with creativity, continuity, and transparency. We recognize our charge in selecting a strong leader and we are committed to the success of the district under Ms. DiCorpo’s leadership.”

Ms. DiCorpo’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Education, Grades K-6, and a Master of Science in Educational Leadership, from Central Connecticut State University. She holds her sixth year degree and certification in Educational Leadership from Southern Connecticut State University. In 2016, Ms. DiCorpo acquired her 093 certification for Superintendent of Schools from the NEAG School of Education at the University of Connecticut.

Superintendent DiCorpo says, “I am humbled, honored and grateful for the opportunity to continue to lead the New Milford Public School District, in the capacity of Superintendent of Schools and I am looking forward to continuing to work in partnership with our dedicated administrators, teachers, staff, Board of Education members, families, students, community and town agencies in order to help the district continue to grow and thrive.”
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This is a campaign driven by principles. My values are front and center so you know what you are getting. I’m guided not by ideology or political party but by wanting to do what is right. I believe that government can be a force for good, that candidates should carry themselves with integrity, that diversity makes us stronger, and that elected officials are responsible for stewarding our towns and our state into the future.

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